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credit card disputes - charles brady law - florida

Credit Card Chargebacks are growing more and more wide-spread as customers abuse the system and attempt to circum-navigate the Courtroom to report a Customer Service Dispute. Often times these disputes also involve negative reviews and Consumer Complaints. At Charles Brady Law, we have developed a cost-effective solution through our Chargeback Program.


We prevail in over 95% of our Chargeback Cases and often are able to avoid and remove negative reviews, unless Fraud or Identity Theft is present.


Another key component of our program is advisement on which Merchant Service Provider to use, when Legal Action is required, and whether it’s worth it to take to Arbitration.


We also have an effective strategy to recover funds in the event that you are unsuccessful in challenging the Chargeback on your own.


Call us today to equip your business with our Chargeback Dispute Services. Please Note: These services do not require a Retainer. All of our Chargeback Services are Flat Fees. CLICK HERE TO see our Flat Fee Menu for more information.

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