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Charles Brady Law St Pete FL Attorney What We Do


Complex Business Litigation,
Local Government Suits & More

Charles Brady Law - Debt Collections - Court 01From sole proprietorships to LLCs, we represent all kinds of businesses and the occasional individual. We routinely accept cases involving Debt Collections, Property Damage, Property Rights, Occupant Removals, Misrepresentation/Fraud, Breach of Contract, ADA Compliance, Code Enforcement & Administrative Proceedings, and Credit Card Charge Disputes.

Our firm has a narrow focus on three types of business, which together make up 90% of our clients. (1) Public Lodging Facilities, from Air BNBs and Cabins to Hotels and Resorts; (2) Food Services and Dining; and (3) Licensed Professionals such as Mechanics, H-VAC Technicians, Cosmetologists, Software Developers, Interior Designers, and General Contractors.

Charles Brady has significant experience in the following fields:

Contract Disputes & Debt Collections

Evictions and Guest Removals

Property Disputes

Credit Card Chargebacks

Service Animals and ADA Compliance

Sale of Business/Asset Purchase Agreements

Business Formations

Condo/ HOA Matters

Local Gov. Code Compliance and Litigation

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